Seattle, 2014

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“Welcome to the Tea Party” by the amazing Wesley Clark. #blackart #blackamerica

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Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY, 2014

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Look, I did a cool braid on myself! My self-braiding techniques are pretty limited cause I can’t braid upside down. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting my hair professionally braided in some cool bouffant style with lots of volume on the top but I haven’t a clue where to go or what to look for in a stylist. My cousin always braided my hair when I was little so I never had it done in a shop. I wish someone could invent a device where you exert energy onto an inanimate thing and it captures the energy and puts it onto a different thing of your choice. Like, I would braid fake hair the way I wanted mine to look, the device would transfer the braiding energy onto my own hair, and then I would give a fake body a massage for like 2 hours and then absorb all the massage energy on my own body for 2 hours. I’m willing to put in the work if I can reap all the benefits, you know?

You are absolutely beautiful and your hair looks amazing! I’m jealous of your braiding skills, as much as you might think they suck.

hahaha…um…well, I didn’t say they suck. I said my skills were limited. the difference might seem minor, but I try not to go around being fake humble and acting like things I do are terrible when they aren’t. Some things I do ARE terrible and DO suck, and sometimes I create things that I think don’t look good when other people think they do, and that’s fine- that’s honest and natural. but I am not gonna sit here and act like this braid isn’t BOMB. I think it looks great and I am proud of it. I want people, myself included, to be better at taking pride in their work when they feel good about it and not act shy about it or downplay it to make other people feel more comfortable. I think that’s a thing that girls in particular learn how to do when they are young and i don’t like that bullshit. i mean, I’m not lupita or nothing, but I can braid pretty!

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Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, 2014

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“It’s OK not to be a genius, whatever that is, if there even is such a thing…the creative life may or may not be the apex of human civilization, but either way it’s not what I thought it was. It doesn’t make you special and sparkly. You don’t have to walk alone. You can work in an office — I’ve worked in offices for the past 15 years and written five novels while doing it. The creative life is forgiving: You can betray it all you want, again and again, and no matter how many times you do, it will always take you back.”
Lev Grossman manages to smash “you don’t have to be a genius” and “keep your day job” into his great essay, "How Not to Write a Novel" (his book, The Magician’s Land, is out this week)

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“GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You’re definitely not at your easiest-to-get-along-with, Gemini, but that demands no apology or retreat. At the moment, it can be devilishly pleasurable to not give in, go along, or get with the groove. For every person bearing lukewarm interest towards you and, therefore, perpetually ready to walk elsewhere the second you issue a non-compliant response or express a contrary desire, there’s someone else who actually fancies your upstart unruliness and will wish to eagerly play along with this frisky friction. Screw the middle-line approach; go bravely toe-to-toe or balls-out. Any misguided attempts to smooth away the edges, pretend we’re all on the same page, or underemphasize a controversial reality will only work against this astrology… and most likely, in the end, you’ll end up having some other meta-quarrel or passive-aggressive ‘conversation’ (ahem) about the disagreement you’re not having. (Same energy begging for release, just without the daring forthrightness.) Please don’t act as if you and a certain someone don’t diverge on a key preference, political persuasion, or lifestyle identity. That divergence is not only glaring, once you acknowledge it—it’s at the root of this intriguing chemistry.”


Director Hype Williams on set with T-Boz and Taral Hicks in the 1998 movie classic, Belly… 

I was just watching this earlier today. Writing and plotting needed tightening up but this was such a beautifully shot film. Every single frame was so sumptuous and gorgeous. 

Also: T-Boz was the real MVP of Belly. She gave the best performance.

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Yodith and Kameelah, Photoville, Brooklyn, NY, 2014

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